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Professor Oded STARK (Universities of Bonn, Tuebingen, and Warsaw) in Graz

Freitag, 19.10.2018

Professor Oded STARK visits the University of Graz from October 21 – 31, 2018

We are proud to announce that Professor Oded Stark will join our Faculty and deliver lectures in the framework of our Ph.D. program.

Professor Stark is an innovative and prolific scholar. He has worked on a wide range of topics in applied microeconomic theory, including the modeling of migration behavior and outcomes. Please visit http://ostark.uni-klu.ac.at.


Herewith is information regading the course that he will deliver to our Ph.D. students:



Advanced Perspectives in the Analytics and Policy Design of International Migration

22 Oct. 18Lecture 12pm - 5pmSR 15.33 (Resowi-Center, B-3)
23 Oct. 18Lecture 22pm - 4pmSR 15.4B (Resowi-Center, F-4)
Research Seminar5:15pm - 6:45pmSR 15.4B (Resowi-Center, F-4)
25 Oct. 18Lecture 32pm - 5pmSR 15.4C (Resowi-Center, F-4)
29 Oct. 18Lecture 42pm - 5pmSR 15.33 (Resowi-Center, B-3)
30 Oct. 18Lecture 52pm - 5pmSR 15.4B (Resowi-Center, F-4)
31 Oct. 18Lecture 62pm - 5pmSR 15.4A (Resowi-Center, E-4)

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